Acquire beauty skills while living in Japan.

The International Students’ Course is a one-year course taught intensively during the morning. This course enables international students to build up the necessary Japanese language skills while acquiring basic beauty skills such as cutting hair, performing perms, hair coloring and shampooing, as well as performing salon work. After graduation, it is possible for students to seek employment in beauty salons and other beauty establishments overseas.

Employment Support provided only by the MANO Group.

The MANO GROUP is expanding internationally. The MANO GROUP also provides employment support in ASEAN countries.

The ASEAN Market: A Promising Market for the Beauty World.

Ten countries: Countries overflowing with a population of young people numbering 650 million, providing a promising market for beauty businesses where there is high awareness of women’s beauty aspirations.

Application Requirements

Application Guidelines

(1) Persons who are non-Japanese nationals and who have completed 12 years or more of education in a country other than Japan. (2) Persons who have studied at a Japanese language school for 6 months or longer. (3) Persons with Japanese Language ability equivalent to or higher than Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level N3 (there is no requirement to have passed the examination, but must be able to take the examination) (4) Persons aged 18 years or older as of March 31, 2017. (5) Persons with the financial capability (financial support capability) to cover tuition fees/living expenses while in Japan.

■Screening Method

(1) Document screening (2) Essay (Japanese) (3) Interview (Japanese) *For documents necessary for application, please use the “MANO BEAUTY COLLEGE 2017 Application Guidelines.”

■Enrollment/Study Period

One Year (Enroll in April; graduate the following March) Monday-Friday (5 days/week) 9:00-12:50 (Arrive at the college by 8:50)

■Tuition Fees

Enrollment Fee: 400,000 yen(Includes 94,000 yen in textbook fees) 20 June: 275,000 yen 20 October: 275,000 yen Total: 950,000 yen

■Special Dispensation

Special Dispensation for Recommendation by the Principal of the Applicant’s Japanese Language School A deduction of 50,000 yen will be subtracted from tuition fees. Total tuition fees after deduction: 900,000 yen