Cosmetology Course 『美容科 昼間部』

You can obtain correct knowledge and techniques from our extensive curriculum. If you want to be a beautician, you need to pass the national examination, graduating from a training institution for beauticians certified by the government. The Cosmetologists Act defines the curriculum and specifies the number of hours of training. (The contents of the curriculum undergo minor changes every year.)

about Cosmetology Course

We will offer meticulous, individually targeted support to our students. \point 1/ Personal coaching \point 2/ Fully focused on the basics \point 3/ Useful for your future practice \point 4/ Styudy Total Beauty

Practical Training

Practical Training – This program offers hands-on experience for the national practical examination. You will also learn useful techniques in a salon. ■Haircutting ■Winding ■All wave setting ■Total Beauty Scalp treatment, Haircut & blow, Winding, Finger waves, Pin curl, All wave setting, Roller curl setting, Shampoo, Hair coloring, Nail care, Makeup (basic and advanced), Japanese hairdo, Dressing, Facial massage Other practical training in cosmetology

Elective compulsory subjects & Course Description of Academic Subjects

General education class (A)

・English and French conversation on cosmetology ・Service manners ・Color coordination (chromatics)

General education class (B)

・History of art and clothing ・Psychology ・Newspaper (social common sense)

Specialized education class (A)

・Special effects makeup ・Nail art ・Techniques in esthetic treatment

Specialized education class (B)

・Hair diagnosis ・Hair style & drawing ・Art and design

Course Description of Academic Subjects

[Related regulations and systems] Outline of public health regulations / Cosmetologists Act [Hygiene control] Hygiene control / Method of disinfection [Beauty and health] Human anatomy / Dermatology [Physics and Chemistry] Physics and chemistry / Cosmetic chemistry [Beauty culture] History of beauty culture / Beauty design / History of clothing and fashion culture [Beauty salon management] Marketing / Business management / Labor management [Theory of cosmetic techniques] Exposition of cosmetology / Theories and methods of hair dressing and beauty * Students who obtain the minimum number of 2,000 credits required per year (1,400 of compulsory and 600 elective compulsory subjects) will be entitled to take the term-end and exit exams. Each exam is scored out of 100. Successful students will need to score 60 or higher in every exam and 70 or higher on average. Students who do not earn the required number of credits will not graduate.